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Ronda and its surroundings are definitely a must when staying in Andalusia

Ronda is one of the most beautiful villages in the Spanish province of Málaga in Andalusia, which retains much of its historic charm. With a population of about 35,000 inhabitants, its not only one of the most beautiful but also from the most visited villages of the area

D I S C O V E R   R O N D A


Ronda, the most charming village in Costa del Sol.

This gorgeous white house village with colorful flowers is located on a rocky promontory and offers stunning views over the valley. Curious about the village is that it is divided into 2 separated areas by the Guadelivir river and connected the two sides by the famous Puente Nuevo Bridge with a 100m deep el Tajo gorge.

Ronda is an important cultural and historical center of Andalusia. A village with a strong and own personality, surrounded by lush river valleys its definitely a place that takes your breath away when seeing it. Ronda has to offer some amazing plans and activities and can be visited on foot and a single day is enough to discover all the must-see attractions and points of interest in Ronda.


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Our beautiful Ronda Mountain Resort is a six beautifully appointed bedroom villa, each with a king-size bed, adds to the feeling of being on holiday at a private resort. There are four bedrooms with access to shared bathrooms and two with en-suite bathrooms, one of which has its own lounge area and one of which has access to the sauna.


The most spectacular facts about Ronda

Get delighted with fantastic family time with a beautiful natural environment, day routes, amazing good, Spanish history, and tradition. Get ready to enjoy all the most beautiful areas in Ronda.


Many personalities have been inspired by Ronda

An ancient city packed with centuries of history has charmed tourists and visitors, from writers to creators: Rilke, a poet who stayed at room 208 of the Hotel Reina Victoria for some time.  Today you can visit his room.  Orson Welles loved bullfighting; his ashes rest on a farm in Ronda. Ernest Hemingway dedicated the tenth chapter of his work For whom the bells toll to events in the city in 1936.  These are but three people who were inspired by this impressive city.


Impressive landscapes and charming corners describe Ronda the best.

Divided by the Guadalevín River as it runs through the GenilValley, Ronda preserves traits of an ancient Arabic medina and part of city walls.  Its rich heritage is a must for all visitors.  There are charming corners in a city that has been a Historic-ArtisticMonument since 1966.

Ronda has a number of nearby nature reserves, including Grazalema and Sierra de las Nieves Nature Reserve where you can enjoy nature at its best as well as a variety of outdoor activities.


A delight for all the sensory senses

To delight your taste buds, Ronda offers a number of natural products, including wild game, local mushrooms in Autumn, and cardoon thistles in the Spring. 

Likewise, goat cheese and wines from nearby wineries are a must for any table; such delicacies can be enjoyed at more than one hundred bars, wine cellars, and restaurants in the city where they are known for their quality and variety.


The birthplace of modern bullfighting

Visitors must not miss one of the most outstanding characteristics of Ronda. The 18th century Ronda Bull Ring was built by the Royal Order of Chivalry of Ronda, founded by King Philip II of Spain. 

From Pedro Romero to Pepe Hillo up to the Ordóñez dynasty, the stones of the bullring have enjoyed an endless number of bullfighting afternoons.  In 1954, the world-famous bullfight Corrida Goyesca (Goya-style bullfighting) was created, and it continues to be held in September and attracts numerous people to the city.


Your favorite to do’s in an outstanding location

During your stay at the Ronda Mountain Resort our team will be happy to arrange any kind of experience you are interested to do in Ronda. We can offer an endless number of possibilities but some of our favorites suggestions are the following: 

  • Visits: Ronda wineries are one of the tourist attractions of the city of El Tajo and its area of influence.
  • Routes: Such as go tapa hopping, heritage, culture…
  • Nature: The Puente Nuevo stone bridge is an excellent location to use as a base for exploring the countryside of the Serranía de Ronda. Some of the walks are quite gentle, whilst others are more challenging hiking routes.

Important areas around Ronda

Ronda is located close to the well-renewed areas such as the famous Marbella, Sevilla, and Jerez de la Frontera.


Ideally located on the Mediterranean shore and the pride of the Costa del Sol of Andalusia, Marbella is undoubtedly one of the most worldwide demanded Spanish destinations.




Welcome to one of the most charming cities of Spain. Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is the capital city of Andalusia, what is to say the capital in the south of Spain.



Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera, well known for its wines, its horses and its flamenco, preserves a historic center that has been declared a historical-artistic complex.



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