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The Spanish treasure that will disarm and seduce you

Have you ever heard about flamenco, tapas, and toros? Seville is the birthplace of this incredible and influenced tradition that has crossed frontiers over years. Get delighted with the soft aroma of jasmine and orange blossom, and enjoy this wonderful city all year long.

D I S C O V E R   S E V I L L E


Seville, the city that will blast you away with its charm.

As the capital of Andalusia, Seville is the largest and most populated city in the region. There is an extensive institutional and political activity in the city, as well as a growing number of companies that establish their offices and many other new firms.  

In recent years, and thanks to this movement, the city has undergone continual changes and improvements, which has made the city’s center compatible with that of many other European capitals.


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What to know before visiting Seville

Seville is a charming city full of magnificent corners where you can soak up the Spanish culture while enjoying delicious cuisine, dancing, music, and lots of art.

sevilla la giralda

A city with much history

About an hour away from Ronda, Seville is the perfect one or two-day excursion destination where you can enjoy the historic city center, with its ancient Jewish Quarter, city walls that enclose churches, squares, and historic monuments.  The 15th Century Cathedral and its bell tower known as the Giralda are but some of the sites to be seen, without overlooking newer construction such as the tram along the avenue known Avenida de la Constitucion or the square known as Plaza de la Encarnación.

sevilla gastronomy

For food lovers

When it comes to cuisine and entertainment, Seville is well known for the quality and variety of its “tapas,” with which traditional cuisine has taken innovative forms, without sacrificing the quality of the products used.

  • Los Alcázares
  • La Bodega
  • La Bodega de Santa Cruz
  • El Aljibe
  • La Cabañota
seville tradition

An inspiring city

Seville offers Flamenco, dancing, music, opera, and theatre, in addition to important museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts or the ContemporaryArt Museum. It’s also very known for its celebrations and festivals:

  •  Feria de Abril: Seville’s legendary five-day event takes place, beginning on Tuesday and wrapping up with fireworks on Sunday, and is one of Andalusia’s biggest fairs “feria”. During the Fair, people will eat, drink and dance traditional Sevillanas until dawn. The women will wear the “traje de gitano”, while many men will wear short waistcoats and wide-brimmed hats.
  • Semana Santa: The Holy Week processions in Seville are Spain’s most famous. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday sombre penitents will march through the streets wearing sandals, robes, and those slightly eerie pointed hoods. These groups belong to brotherhoods attached to churches across the city and will carry large and very decorative floats portraying passion scenes and weeping Virgins. On this night the processions make their steady way around the centre until the morning.
seville los naranjos

A contemporary city

The oldest part of Sevilla lies on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River with a narrow and twisting street, small enclosed squares, and houses built and decorated in the Moorish style.

  • Alcázar Palace: Is the finest survival from the Moorish period is the that exhibits both Moorish and Gothic stylistic features. Other Moorish buildings are the tower of the Church of San Marcos and two sides of the cathedral’s Patio de Naranjos.
  • The Casa Lonja: is adjacent to the cathedral and finished in 1599, has a superb collection of books, plans, manuscripts, and documents bearing on the history and administration of Spain’s empire in the Americas.
  • Maria Luisa Park: is a particularly beautiful park in the southern part of the city.

Important areas around Seville

Seville is located close to the well-renewed areas such as the famous Marbella, Ronda, and Jerez de la Frontera.


Ideally located on the Mediterranean shore and the pride of the Costa del Sol of Andalusia, Marbella is undoubtedly one of the most worldwide demanded Spanish destinations.




One of the most beautiful villages in the province of Málaga which retains much of its historic charm. It’s not only one of the most beautiful but also from the most visited villages.



Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera, well known for its wines, its horses and its flamenco, preserves a historic center that has been declared a historical-artistic complex.



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